Xmas Gift List #3 : buying for the person that has everything

Sometimes there are friends or family in your lives that seem to have everything, and buying gifts for them can be really tricky. With this in mind, I have put together some ideas for both men and women.


  1. Charlotte Tilbury Party Eyes Bauble – £20 (buy here). I am such a fab of Charlotte Tilbury, and a sucker for gorgeous packaging too! 
  2. Adelphi Planter – £15 (buy here ) I know, this is a bit unusual, but you can’t beat a nice planter and I thought this one was chic and very affordable.
  3. Get Gorgeous – 21 ways to a more beautiful and confident you -£16.99 (buy here) I had a flick through this book the other day and immediately wanted to buy it for myself! (I didn’t)
  4. Lightbox – £32 (buy here) I have this lightbox and we have such fun with it. From reminders, to inspiration quotes, birthday messages and more, a bit of stylish fun and perfect for the person who has everything.  (unless they already have one!)
  5. Hand Ashtray – £10 (buy here) This is actually an ashtray (why? who still smokes?!) but I think it would make such a sweet cactus/plant holder as seen in the photo. Thoughtful and inexpensive…
  6. Love, Style, Life – £16.99 (buy here)  Garance Dore’s style guide is a fantastic gift (unless they already have a copy!) and is not only full of style wisdom but looks great on a coffee table too…
  7. Diptyques Baies Candle – £55 (buy here) Okay so this is quite pricey for a candle, but if the person you are buying for has everything, then you cannot go wrong with a luxury candle. I love the black version and Baies is such a classic Diptyques fragrance.
  8. Aesop Handwash – £27 (buy here) This looks so chic in a guest bathroom/loo and smells divine. Definitely my favourite ‘luxury handwash’
  9. Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit – £60 (buy here) This is such a fun present. All you need is a computer or an ipad and speakers and you have a portable (and stylish!) karaoke set. Think of all the fun they could have over xmas and who doesn’t love a bit of karaoke?!
  10. You are the Rocks Cocktail Glasses set – £14 (buy here) I thought these were so fun. ‘You are the Vodka to my Soda’ and ‘You are the Gin to my tonic’
  11. Andanda Kilim Cushion – £38 (buy here) These kilim cushions are such a great price and I love their design. You would of course, have to know this person’s interiors style, as they won’t suit everyone, but I thought they were too good a find not to share! I will be buying one of these, for sure.
  12. Ugg Slippers – £67.50 (buy here) You can’t go wrong with Ugg slippers. They are incredibly comfortable, toasty and I would go as far as to say ‘stylish’ when slippers are concerned!

So there we go, hopefully one or two ideas to help you with the Christmas shopping. Remember it’s better to get ahead and start now so that it’s not a mad rush at the end of December. I have a new menu at the top of the blog where I will be putting all the gift lifts for easy and quick access!

Happy Shopping!


Chloe x

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