Xmas Gift List #2 – Buying for your Bestie

I find buying and receiving gifts from your best friend can be the one of the most exciting parts of xmas.  In an ideal world the gift exchange would take place over a girly lunch with several bottles and an arrangement for someone else to do the school pickup. (This usually takes quite a lot of planning, so this is your gentle reminder to get it in the diary now!)

There are only one or two friends that I have this arrangement with, and it always feels rather special. As mums, I think we can be slightly overlooked at Xmas. The focus is on the children, godchildren and extended family members and if we are lucky, we buy something we love in October or November for our husbands to give us at Xmas time, but it’s usually something we have picked out ourselves, or dropped massive hints about in the months leading up to christmas. (I now just tell the children who pass on the message!) But with your best friend, there is always a lovely, girly surprise and they usually know you so well that they get it spot on.

I have put together a few ideas, with prices ranging from £6 to £130, so hopefully there is something to suit all agreed budgets…


  1. LUXE CITY GUIDES from Netaporter – £35  The perfect gift for a friend who loves to travel. (Buy here)
  2. Desmond and Dempsey PJs £130 – I felt these PJs at the Spirit of Xmas fair this week and they are incredible. The most amazing prints to choose from which are all hand painted. They are fairly pricey, so it completely depends what you spend on each other. (Buy here)
  3. Oribe Texturising Spray – £39 from Space NK – My husband bought me this last Christmas (okay I take back the slight moan above, he is actually brilliant at xmas presents!) and it has just finished. It’s an alternative to dry shampoo, smells heavenly and at £39 is a luxury you wouldn’t buy yourself. It gives your hair body and texture without making it sticky… I love it. (Buy here)
  4. Hush Cashmere Wrist Warmers – £35 – I have these in grey and I wore them all the time last winter. Perfect for busy mums who always need their fingers handy. (Buy here)
  5. Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber Scent – £46  Have you tried this? It’s heaven. I went in and had a squirt after reading Kat’s post (@doesmybumlook40) and I have already told the children it’s on my wishlist! (Buy here)
  6. Essie Nail Polish in Liquorice – £6.74 from Lookfantastic – This is such a chic colour for winter. A lovely little gift if you swap ‘something small’ (Buy here)
  7. Sheepskin Slippers – £45 from John Lewis – I absolutely love my sheepskin slippers and these come gift boxed. (Buy here)
  8. Eve Lom Kiss Mix -£16 from Space NK – You simply cannot go wrong with Kiss Mix. It’s a winner every time and comes in the most gorgeous disco ball packaging. (Buy here)
  9. ‘Prosecco’ Bobble Hat – £20 from John Lewis – A fun option for those Prosecco loving girlfriends out there. I love the pop of blue pom pom too. (Buy here)

And I just had to add these in…

Bad Hair Day.jpeg

Bad Hair Day Hat – £20


Gin-Gle Bells – £20


Prosecco Nails Inc Gift – £20

Happy Xmas shopping!


Chloe x



6 thoughts on “Xmas Gift List #2 – Buying for your Bestie

Add yours

  1. I love the hats. Especially vthe “gin-gle bells” one. My problem is that one of my besties is a bloke. He’s amazing at buying gifts. I always feel mine don’t quite match up. I struggle every years trying to get him gifts.

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  2. I have just popped the Bad Hair Day beanie into my bag! Thanks Chloe. Ps Have you smelt the Le Labo Santal 33 perfume? Just fab and is on my list to Santa x

    Liked by 1 person

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