The Classic Black Coat

A classic black coat is one of my winter wardrobe essentials. With temperatures dropping, it feels like it’s time to reach for a ‘proper’ coat and I was very glad of mine today. I bought my coat from Maje last year and it was a real investment at around £400, so I plan to wear it for years to come. When buying an investment coat, my advice would be to go for a simple and classic design that won’t date. Find a style that flatters your shape and make sure you that you can fit a jumper underneath it. If I was looking for a new coat now, I would look for a design with decent pockets, not too many buttons and no belt. In my experience the belt always gets lost and can be a faff to loop through and do up.

After a little trawl of the online offerings, here are my favourites…



  1. M&S Petite Waist Button Coat – £59 (BUY HERE)
  2. Mango Pockets Wool Coat – £79.99 (BUY HERE)
  3. J Crew Regent Wool Coat – £365 (BUY HERE)
  4. &Otherstories Double breasted Wool Coat – £165 (BUY HERE)
  5. M&S Wool Blend Double Breasted Coat – £149 (BUY HERE)
  6. M&S Collared Neck Coat With Cashmere – £119 (BUY HERE)
  7. Maje Gasparo Velvet Trim Coat – £370 (BUY HERE)
  8. Rag and Bone Felted Wool Coat – £600 (BUY HERE) 
  9. &Otherstories Brushed Wool Blend Coat – £125 (BUY HERE)

And here’s the usual dose of style inspo via Pinterest…


Do you have a favourite black coat that comes out every year or is it currently an item on your wishlist ?

As always, I love to hear from you.


Chloe x


One thought on “The Classic Black Coat

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  1. My coat is grey at the moment, single breasted with a slight military twist. It won’t come out just yet, the temperature needs to drop a bit more first.
    I’m not into black, navy is my go to colour, which is definately more difficult to find. Although I am toying with my next coat being a statement colour, a mid tone blue (not electric) would be great. It’s one of those things I’ll wait until the right one comes along. At the moment I’m in my inbetween mac, and navy trench coat, although if the weather’s warm enough I’ll go with my trusty leather.


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