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In the depths of winter, there is one coat that I reach for more than any other on those rushed and chilly school runs, and that’s my parka. It’s cosy and easy and you can pretty much throw it on over anything, even your PJs if it has been one of ‘those’ mornings!  (I did actually do this once, I’m not proud but we’ve all been there and I don’t think anyone actually noticed.) It’s also the perfect coat for those parky walks with the dog or the children (or both!) at the weekend.

My parka is from Hush last season, but I am rather jealous of anyone who still has it on their wishlist, because this season’s version is an absolute beauty. Be quick though, because they sell out quickly and it is already showing as low stock on the Hush website. Depending on your height, their shorter version this season could be worth trying.


Here is the Hush Parka. As you can see, the fur is a little more ‘petrol blue’ this season. It has the most amazing teddy fur lining, which is like putting a blanket on in the morning. You can remove this lining if you want to, but I have never needed to.


If the blue fur is not for you, then this one is lovely from Whistles with it’s matching khaki fur.

I also really like this one from Schott at La Redoute,  with the contrast fur hood.

This one is a beautiful midnight blue colour and a really good price at just under £100, plus it’s water repellent. Although I am not sure that means too much when it’s chucking it down!

Topshop’s version is lovely too, if you are looking for something a little less expensive. Personally, I think it’s an item worth investing in, because they are functional and you will wear season after season, but it completely depends on your lifestyle.

And finally, good old M&S with this gorgeous waxed Parka which is very reasonably priced. If I lived in the country and had a pooch to take on walks, (a girl can dream…) I would probably opt for a waxed version.

Here is Mango’s version, also really lovely and it has great pockets. Big pockets are always a good idea.

And finally, an option for those with cash to splash or, if you’re like me, just to drool and dream over. This one is lined with pink shearling. Imagine how toasty you’d be! You could probably wear your underwear under this one and still be warm…

Just a word on faux fur collars. Sometimes the fur can start to look a little matted and when this happens I brush mine to revive it the same way I brush sheepskin rugs. I was on a shoot once with my daughter who was modelling a parka and they brushed her fur collar more than they did her hair in between shots. It tickled me.

So, if you haven’t got a parka in your wardrobe, think seriously about investing in one this winter. As far as coats go, I would say it was the coat in my wardrobe that has got the most mileage over the years. I did have one from Zara but it only lasted a season, so that’s when I decided to invest in my one from Hush and it has been worth every penny.

Happy Parka Shopping!


Chloe x


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