Red Shoes

You are not going to believe this, but I don’t own a single pair of red shoes. And there will be something wrong with the world until I do! I ordered these (see pic above) from Office (massively reduced, erm, therein lies the clue) and they are possibly the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever squeezed my feet into. I think it’s probably a sizing issue, as they felt like more of a 4 than a 5, but since they are heading straight back, I thought I’d look at some other options.

Starting with trainers, because I seem to be favouring trainers over any other shoe these days…


  1. Converse Chuck Taylors from La Redoute – £65 but currently £25 off with code Xmas / BUY HERE
  2. Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops from La Redoute – £59 plus £25 off with code Xmas/ BUY HERE
  3. Golden Goose Deluxe Brand from Netaporter – £325 / BUY HERE
  4. Adidas Gazelle from La Redoute – £79 plus £25 off / BUY HERE

**I have actually just ordered the Gazelles. I couldn’t resist with the current discount**

Moving on to flats and heels. I have put a few designer items in this selection for the sake of comparison.


  1. Aquazzura (the look I was going for with my office dupes) – £415 from Netaporter – BUY HERE
  2. Mango Studded Flats – now £17.99 (sizes 4 and 5 available) – BUY HERE
  3. Alexander Wang – if you are a size 40 then these are a bargain. Were £370 now £185. Just look at that perfect heel height. BUY HERE
  4. M&S – £49.50. I think these are absolutely beautiful and I am seriously tempted. Stain Away Suede AND they have insolia. (That means comfort to you and me.)        BUY HERE
  5. Mansur Gavriel Suede Pumps – £365 from Netaporter – BUY HERE
  6. J Crew from Netaporter – £220 – BUY HERE


  1. Charlotte Olympia – £495 from Netaporter – BUY HERE
  2. Rupert Sanderson – £565 from Netaporter – BUY HERE
  3. M&S Mid Heel – £29.50 – BUY HERE
  4. Gianvito Rossi – £430 from Netaporter (making the M&S ones above look like a total bargain!) – BUY HERE
  5. Gianvito Rossi – £425 from Netaporter – BUY HERE
  6. Chloe Red Scalloped Pumps – £370 from Netaporter – BUY HERE
  7. Mango Red Boots – I saw these in the flesh today and they are LOVELY. £79.99        BUY HERE
  8. La Redoute Heeled Loafers – £55 (plus £25 currently with code XMAS making them absolute bargain if you compare them to the GR ones above) – BUY HERE
  9. Lost Ink Red Loafers – now £38.40 from House of Fraser – BUY HERE

I have also just spotted these gorgeous boots from Topshop for £75. (on the right) The pair on the left are Saint Laurent (£495 from Topshop also have a pair with a black heel very similar to the Mango pair above, but I think I prefer the solid red…


And these from M&S are probably my favourite in the ‘smart flats’ category… M&S – £39.50 Buy here


Here are a few of my own style rules when it comes to wearing red shoes…

  1. I try to avoid pairing red shoes with a red bag. In fact I would make the shoes the only item of red I wear. Lipstick excluded…
  2. Try accessorising red shoes with a leopard print bag – it’s a great combination
  3. Stick to neutrals with the rest of your outfit. Denim, white, black, leopard, grey, khaki are all colours that work well with red.
  4. Avoid wearing red shoes with anything green, unless you are entering the Mrs Santa Claus competition 🙂
  5. Keep your outfit classy. If you are wearing red shoes, I would avoid wearing them with anything too sexy and revealing. Low cut tops and red shoes can look a little ‘street corner’… But that’s just me, old Mrs. Playitsafe…

And here’s a dose of red shoe inspiration via pinterest for some styling ideas.


Have you seen a pair you like? Let me know!


Chloe x

7 thoughts on “Red Shoes

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  1. Love those shoes, some great styles there!
    I have a pair of red patents which I love, but the patent does make them stiff. I wear them with a navy/cream striped tee and culottes in the summer, and velvet trousers in the winter.
    I generally agree as far as red bag and shoes being a no go, it does sometimes work if they are different styles or materials – I wore my shoes to a party with a red suede clutch, the rest of the outfit was navy so it seemed to work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh some lovely shoes here thanks Chloe! I quite like the idea of a red trouser suit with red shoes… it would be a great statement outfit. Bit of a risk of looking like cabin crew so would have to be a beautiful cut and fabric… you’ve got me thinking now…. x


  3. Love red shoes. Have the ones in the last picture from Zara, a few years old. They aren’t very comfy but look so nice that I put them on every few months and wear them for a day before putting them away again! Your post has just reminded me to get them out again!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love this post, and I am actually wearing my one red pair of shoes today: flat ballerinas from Clarks. Have had them for some years, and they have become “staple” in my warderobe for work. Use them With denim, black or navy pants and stripes/blazer for that “French” style. Have had lots of comments in the years that its classy and stylish.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love red shoes and it’s always a struggle to find decent stylish pair that are comfortable, however I do think red shoes are a good statement and can really make an outfit.
    I’ve also ordered the adidas gazelle trainers too. Some fabulous ideas and styles love the blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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