Bedtime Stories


Reading a bedtime story to your child is one of life’s great pleasures, yet these years are over before you know it. For us, it has always been the full stop at the end of the day. A precious, calming and bonding moment, when the phone is put away, there are no interruptions and all my focus is on the children and the story. When I just had the girls, I can remember wanting to rush through the bed time story, sometimes turning chunks of pages instead of one, until the girls were old enough to realise and made me turn back. I suppose I was tired and at the end of a long day with small children, it’s often the last thing you feel like doing, but once it stops, you realise what a precious time it is.

When Charlie was born, the girls were both reading to themselves at night, and story time had ceased, apart from the odd occasion when I would read them a book that was beyond their reading age. (Probably something I didn’t do enough, come to think of it.) But by the time Charlie was old enough for me to read to him, I was so excited to have a child to read to again. And now it’s one of my favourite times of my day. I look forward to this moment as much as he does and find it just as relaxing.  I also NEVER skip pages, because I know how quickly these precious bedtime story days will pass.

I have done a little round up of our favourite books over the years. These are books that have stood the test of time, and have been firm favourites of all three children. Of course these won’t be relevant for many readers of my blog, but perhaps you have a niece or nephew or godchild to buy for?

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

  1. The Story of the Little Mole…Buy here
  2. Olivia – Buy here 
  3. Pete the Cat – Buy here (Note, this must always be read in an American accent)
  4. What do People Do All Day – Buy here
  5. Who’s in the Loo – Buy here
  6. The Empty Stocking – Buy here
  7. The Stick Man – Buy here
  8. Slinki Malinki – Buy here
  9. The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas – Buy here


I couldn’t go without a little bit of bedtime fashion, could I ?! Here are my favourite bits, all from John Lewis.


  1. Vintage Rose Print Pyjamas – Buy here
  2. Boys Traditional Stripe Pyjamas – Buy here
  3. Boys Tartan Woven Pyjamas – Buy here
  4. Felt Slippers – Buy here
  5. Girls Velour Woodland Pyjamas – Buy here
  6. Star Dressing Gown – Buy here
  7. Girls Star Print Pyjamas in a bag – Buy here
  8. Girls Pom Pom Slippers – Buy here
  9. Baby Bear Slippers – Buy here

Sometimes I like to change into my PJs really early, so I can jump into bed with Charlie and snuggle down while we read. He likes me to stay with him until he nods off and I have been known to nod off myself after a tiring day! So here’s what I’d like to change into…

Black Satin Trim Hooded Dressing Gown – Rosie for Autograph – M&S £40 Buy Here

Autograph Pale Pink Pyjamas – M&S £35 Buy Here

Sheepskin Slippers – John Lewis £45 Buy here


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  1. I completely agree. I have a six, almost seven, year old son and a bedtime story is read religiously in our home, usually a chapter book with his dad, but when it’s my turn I enjoy the stories. I also try to remember to remain enthusiastic, no matter what his choice, which is sometimes hard 😬😊

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