What is ‘Liketoknowit’?

If like me, you keep seeing “Liketoknowit’ on Instagram and haven’t a clue what it is or how it works, read on…

‘Like to Know It’ is a very simple way of shopping straight from Instagram. So, if you see something you like but haven’t got time to click through to a blog for details, once you have signed up to LiketoKnowit, every time you ‘like’ a photo that is using ‘Liketoknowit’, the direct links to the item will drop into your inbox like magic. Still with me? Good…

The way we shop is changing and becoming much easier and quicker, saving us time, but possibly not saving us money?! Although you might save a bit on travel costs!

Now if you don’t like the sound of this, then don’t worry, if you don’t sign up, nothing will change. (And feel free to still ‘like’ the photo – you make an old girl very happy with your double taps!)

Isn’t technology clever when it works? I’d love to know what you think of it. Does it work for you? Do you hate it and actively ‘not like’ a photo when you see ‘like2knowit’? Or, were you blissfully unaware, like me?

To sign up to like to know it Click Here 


Chloe x


12 thoughts on “What is ‘Liketoknowit’?

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  1. Hi Chloe
    I used to love it but now I find that they often link to similar items – in their opinion – rather than the actual and often very disappointing substitutes so I’ve pretty much given up on it now. Also, often it’s American stuff that you can’t get hold of. All in all very frustrating.


    1. Thanks for your feedback Carole. I had planned to only link an item when it was actually something you could buy… and of course only UK products… but I totally get why you wouldn’t want to use it…xxx


  2. Really enjoying your blog and insta posts, are you still planning on tagging the shops your items are from in your posts? I love taking inspiration from Instagram pics for clothes but can’t stand Liketoknowit – my inbox takes enough managing as it is so I find the idea of yet more incoming traffic really off-putting, I quite like finding other treasures when I go looking on the store websites too!


  3. I’m afraid to say I don’t like it! There is enough littering my inbox as it is. If I like something I will search it out. And from what Carole (above) says it sounds frustrating and unhelpful. Tbh I get frustrated when I see it – often I just want to know where an item’s from – it doesn’t mean I will buy it.


  4. I do love your page and enjoy linking through to your blog posts as sometimes makes me revisit old posts that I had forgotten to check in on. I find liketoknow.it really frustrating as it doesn’t always link through properly and even though I’m tech savvy I always have problems searching on it etc so usually give up x


  5. I was confused in thinking this was an original idea of yours and thought it sounded brill!! Couldn’t understand why you were binning the idea (I think you said you were, could be wrong) Can understand now after reading the negative reviews about it!! I must have sounded like a right doughnut!! Sorry I’m completely behind the times!! Ps loving your blog and Instagram! Real inspiration so thank you. Xx


  6. I don’t like LikeToKnowIt….. I like to click on an image to find that items have been tagged with their brand. I don’t want any links to come my way. If I’m that interested in an item, I’ll track it down myself. I find that a Direct Message sent to instagrammers (yourself included) often yields further information if I absolutely need it. x

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